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CSS Corporate Solutions Expatriate - Our company's mission is to maximize our client's potential by analyzing their challenges, deriving strategic solutions and providing tools to achieve their corporate vision.

The Expatriate Department of CSS Corporate Solutions

The Expatriate Department of CSS Corporate Solutions is dedicated to the professional cohesiveness of Expat and Client. CSS will search and find the best qualified individuals for the positions at hand. Once the client has decided on a consultant and the CV is vetted, CSS starts the negotiations to bring the expat on board. The relationship between CSS and the designated “in country client contact” is always strong and the departments work together to execute the hire.

CSS is in tune with the needs of the client, as well as what is going to work for the independent consultant. CSS Corporate Solutions, LLC , offers complete visa assistance if needed. CSS is committed to all initial travel arrangements, along with obtaining of the visa and hold the expats’ hand until he/she is turned over to the client representative in whatever country we are representing.

CSS Corporate Solutions, LLC will take over all expat payment issues, check and recheck all overtime claimed if any, before any payment is made to expatriate. When and if separation from the client occurs, CSS will do all exit interviews and finalize all payments due the expat, if any.

CSS becomes the point person for any issues that might arrive with the expat to help them navigate through the corporate maze, which might not be easily accessible to the on-site expat.

We pride ourselves in performing in the best interest of the client, while having the trust of the expatriate. CSS Corporate Solutions, LLC is where you want your Expatriate consultants to be.