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CSS Corporate Solutions Human Resources - Our company's mission is to maximize our client's potential by analyzing their challenges, deriving strategic solutions and providing tools to achieve their corporate vision.

Human Resources Consultancy services include:

HR Business Leadership

Assist our clients in dealing with leadership issues from an enterprise perspective. This includes but is not limited to the processes and activities aimed at meeting short and long term organizational needs and ensuring that the strategic plan is properly aligned with their human capital plan.


Work with clients to develop their compensation directives and interpolate initiatives that will elevate their employment stature and help to recognize and retain their personnel.

This area also includes building employee compensation structure with base, differential and incentive payment systems.

Employee Relations

This discipline includes the process of analyzing, developing, implementing and managing employee performance. By identifying strengths within the working environment we help our clients maintain a positive, productive staff and a healthy morale.

Staff Management

CSS assists clients in strategic and tactical processes for sourcing, hiring and training human capital. Screening, retention strategies, recruitment technologies, out sourcing, on boarding and work force planning are initiatives we utilize to develop employee management.


Human Resource Information Systems ensures that the use of technology in all functional areas of this department supports the needs of the business. This includes software selection, appropriation, development and implementation.

Organization and Employee Development

Improve organization effectiveness and training employees to meet current and future job requirements. Change management, leadership development and succession planning are all inclusive with this services.


Facilitate clients understanding of the various forms of “indirect compensation” or benefits. Staying abreast of industry standards, mining for new work incentives and through consistent orientation our clients have current requirements as mandated by federal and local laws and regulations.