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CSS Corporate Solutions I.T. - Our company's mission is to maximize our client's potential by analyzing their challenges, deriving strategic solutions and providing tools to achieve their corporate vision.

CSS IT Consultancy
services include:

Lifecycle / Operations Management

To ensure that IT delivery is reported against established quantified metrics for all elements of systems performance and availability and to ensure that all business issues are properly prioritized and managed.

IT Helpdesk Management

To ensure that all IT requests are recorded accurately, assigned promptly, resolved within expected windows and reported regularly and accurately.

IT Resource Planning and Staff Development.

To ensure that current IT resources are adequate to address today’s needs and that resourcing plans (for recruitment, development and exiting) meet future business needs.

IT Infrastructure

To ensure that the IT infrastructure capabilities (LAN, WAN, cell, PABX, radio, VSAT, centralized storage, etc) grow in synch with the growing business needs.

IT Stakeholder Forums

To develop strong partnerships with senior line-of-business leaders to understand current business priorities, anticipate future needs and set IT plans to align with and address them

IT Project Management

To agree business imperatives, drive end-to-end business process designs, define system requirements, develop/configure software, execute comprehensive process and system testing, migrate and reconcile data, educate end-users and Super Users and ensure that IT and line-of-business Super users provide required production support.


CSS Strategic Planning Consultancy services include:

Goal Setting

Work with executive management to define 1 year, 3-5 year and long-term business goals

Business Metrics

To define metrics to measure business performance in critical areas and create action plans with process leaders to drive improvements

Financial Planning

To establish financial projections to support projected business plans

Risk Mitigation

To identify critical business risks and develop mitigation plans to address them when they arise.